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Your Guide to Moving During the Holidays

Moving in the middle of the hectic holiday season can be tough when you consider parties, family commitments, and the potential for rough winter weather. With limited time to organize everything for your move, you might be gearing up for a struggle. That’s why we’ve laid out this handy guide of tips and tricks for moving during the most wonderful time of the year. Let Wayfinder help you get to your new home safely, AND with enough time to enjoy the festivities.

Start planning early!

Plan enough time for the entire packing and moving process so you don’t add extra stress to an already busy season. Starting 3-4 weeks in advance of moving day is ideal, and 2 is the absolute minimum. Try not to get distracted by fun holiday activities (not easy, we know!) that will leave you rushing to finish your preparations. Make a moving checklist to organize your tasks and determine what else is left to do, scheduling time specifically for packing over the course of the month. Mark down hard dates to be aware of – like the end of your lease and moving day – then plot out the rest of your calendar with some time left over for card-writing, cookie-baking, and gift-wrapping.

Choose a reliable moving company

With a challenging move ahead, you’re going to need a top-notch, reliable moving company on your side (Hint, hint… Wayfinder!) You’ll want to book your movers early to accommodate any changes in business hours for the holiday season.

Start by going online to locate professional moving companies in your area. Compare prices, read customer reviews, and check out their websites – make sure each has a company logo, contact information, and physical address listed. Pick out a mover that seems suitable and give them a call; you should always communicate with the representative over the phone or face-to-face, not rely solely on a contact form.

Most importantly, find out if the company is registered under the state or federal Department of Transportation as a legal household goods carrier, with the proper licenses to operate interstate or locally (depending on what type of move you’re planning). Doing business with a legit, registered mover will help protect you from fraud.

Keep your eye on the supplies

See if any hardware or office stores in your area offer good discounts for Black Friday and holiday shopping that you can use on boxes or moving supplies – keep an eye out for flat-pack boxes, labels, tape, and blister packs. It’s also a good idea to hang on to shipping boxes from your online purchases and reuse them for packing, or ask family and friends to keep theirs for you. Recycling boxes saves you some money and as an added bonus, is better for the environment.

During the holiday shopping season, check stores such as Office Max, Home Depot, and Staples for any discounts on packing supplies.

Skip the hosting duties this year

Try to avoid creating additional stress during your moving prep. Planning a party is a lot of work, and it’s okay that you don’t have that time to spare right now. Instead, have a holiday gathering at a restaurant, coffee shop, or ask a friend if they would be willing to host. Don’t try to open your home for a party when you need to focus your energy on packing it up. If you do decide to have people over, invite a smaller group. You may have already put away your kitchen and dining equipment, so consider doing a potluck to make preparing food for your guests less of an undertaking.

Keep it simple

This year, spring for minimal decorations so you can get a jump on packing your holiday decor – but don’t miss out entirely! A small tabletop tree or a wreath on the door are festive touches that can be quickly put away. If you’re moving after Christmas, simply pack the decorations as you take them down for the season.

Be prepared for winter weather

If you’re relocating to or from an area with snowy winters, take extra precautions during your move. At Wayfinder, we shrink wrap fabric furniture like couches and sofas so they can be moved without damage from snow. Try not to schedule your moving day at the last minute (like the end of your lease) to leave some extra time in case winter weather causes travel delays.

Pack a separate bag of winter-ready clothing that you may need in the middle of your trip, and make sure your vehicle is prepped with a shovel and bag of salt. Also, check that the utilities in your new home will be set up when you move in to avoid any cold nights without heat.

If you’re traveling through an area with hard winters, be prepared for snow – stock your vehicle with an ice scraper, small shovel, road salt, blankets, hand warmers, and other emergency supplies.

Moving right before a major holiday is a lot of hard work, but it’s completely manageable with a little planning and preparation. And you don’t have to do it alone – the experienced team at Wayfinder can help you through the moving process, so you can focus on making the holiday season merry and bright! Just give us a call at (716) 832-6683 to start your free estimate.


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