Just because you’re not moving far doesn’t mean you aren’t facing moving challenges. Moving downtown or down the road, your belongings still need to get to their new home safely and in one piece.

A Cure for Hiccups at Home

When moving nearby, it’s easy to underestimate the obstacles. Yet, the logistics of packing, storing, and moving your belongings still requires the same quality care as if you were moving into a new time zone. You need a pro; Someone who knows the way.

1. Leverage Local Relationships

Working with a local moving company with local relationships is essential to navigating your move successfully. Movers with hometown Realtor® relationships and first-hand knowledge of routes and neighborhoods can be your golden ticket to a smooth move. Lucky for you – Wayfinder is a homegrown smooth operator.

2. Create a Custom Moving Plan

Whatever your reason for your move – upsizing, downsizing, family, career – a customized moving plan gives you the comfortable flexibility to move the way you want to. How Wayfinder can help:

Full Service Moving

From dishes to pianos, clothing to knick knacks, Wayfinder can:

  1. Pack your items securely for long distance travel
  2. Store your belongings
  3. Load your items and securely
  4. Transport your valuables to their new home


Make your home more presentable to buyers with decluttering. Wayfinder can help remove the potential distractions that could leave your home sitting stagnate on the market, costing you time and money.

High-Security Storage

  • Short and long-term storage plans for your belongings
  • Extra storage available for auto and water vehicles

Packing Supply Kits

  • Packing tape
  • Shrink wrap
  • Dish packs
  • Newsprint
  • Moving-specific boxes

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