Long Distance Moving


Out of State Moving

Moving out of Western New York? For most, this move is more than just packing up the family car and heading down the 90.

The Perfect Match

Wayfinder Moving has partnered with Bekins Van Lines to provide awesome service for your out-of-state move.

When moving across state lines, you can expect Wayfinder’s great service to be paired with Bekins accountability, quality, and expansive network. It’s a great match for customers seeking a stress-free move.

Bekins for the Win

Data-Driven Improvement for Better Service

Numbers don’t lie, which is why Bekins goes to great lengths to quantify every piece of measurable data. This doesn’t just ensure better, more efficient service: It means lower costs for you, the customer, too.

Measurable data Bekins quantifies includes:

  • Claim frequency & cost average
  • Safety points
  • Weight estimate accuracy
  • Several other key metrics based upon customer feedback, including Net Promoter Score (NPS®)

The Best Moves Happen Together

The most important and accurate indicator of quality isn’t a number: It’s the ratings from customers. The Bekins team takes these ratings to heart—sharing the same values as Wayfinder Moving.

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