Packing Services


You never realize how many things you own until you’re faced with packing them.

Mission: Not Impossible

Handling every item. Wrapping every item. Labeling every item. Boxing every item. Packing up a home can be daunting for even the most organized person. You’re faced with the potentially overwhelming and time consuming task of packing your most fragile items safely as well as keep them organized.

What’s the best approach to packing up an entire home? It depends. Consider your moving situation, your timeline, and your budget:

  • Type of Move – Do you need to pack up a big space or a small space? Are there a lot of items? Do you have a lot of potential breakables?
  • Timeline – Need to pack up quickly? You’re better off not doing it alone; enlist the help of others.
  • Budget – Pizza and beer may have worked as payment in your teens and twenties to friends and family helpers, but it probably doesn’t cut it now.

Method to the Madness

Wayfinder offers you flexible options to help you pack for your move. Who knows … your back may thank us later.

  • Option 1: Full Service Packing – Yes, there is a proper way to pack that heavy odd-shaped, fragile family heirloom along side common items like books and clothing. Our experience, combined with the right packing tools, is how we pack homes efficiently and effectively. That’s how we are able to boast about our lowest claim rating among our moving partners.
  • Option 2: DIY – Sometimes packing yourself makes the most sense. We get it. Let us help you by providing the right sized boxes and other must-haves in our packing supply kit.
  • Option 3: Some of Both – You choose what Wayfinder packs. Items like mirrors, dishes, collectables, and whatever else you’d like guaranteed to arrive in one piece, can be given to the pros to handle. You tackle the rest!

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