Packing Services

Packing Services


Wayfinder: The Packing Pros

You’ll never realize just how many things you own until you’re faced with packing all of it away safely for a move. 

Decision fatigue sets in quickly…  not to mention the impulsive urge to rent a dumpster and just get rid of everything. Don’t worry – Wayfinder’s packing services can help save your belongings from rash decisions!

Packing Options

What’s the best approach to packing up an entire home? It depends. Consider your moving situation, your timeline, and your budget. 

We offer three different types of packing services for you to choose from, customized to your needs:

  1. Full-Service Packing

    Want us to take the work of packing completely off your hands? No problem! Our full-service packing option includes an assessment of your moving needs, followed by a plan of action to help us tackle the task.

    From that point forward, our job will be to prepare, pack, seal, and tape each one of your belongings with care – all you need to do is remain nearby for any questions we have. Feel free to relax; our team will accommodate your needs.

  2. Partial Packing Services

    Wayfinder understands that full-service packing just might not fit into your budget. If you have a few important items that need special attention for your move – paintings, TVs, mirrors, fine china, delicate ceramics, etc. – just let us know and we’ll get them packed the right way, quickly and safely.

  3. DIY Packing (We Provide Materials)
    Are you a brave soul who has opted to handle the packing DIY style? We can still help! Give Wayfinder a call and order a custom packing kit with all the materials you’ll need to prep for your move – boxes, packing paper, tape, padding… you name it, we got it.

Take the worry out of moving!

Give us a call and one of our move coordinators will be happy to go over our options for packing services with you. We’ll provide you with an accurate cost estimate designed to accommodate your budget.