Our Storage Facilities

Got stuff that needs to be stored? Wayfinder has a place to put it.

Whether you need somewhere safe to temporarily keep your belongings while you move homes, or want to save some space and take advantage of long-term storage services, we have the solution you need.

Wayfinder is one of the top moving and storage companies in WNY, with two warehouse locations – Buffalo and Jamestown – and over 20,000 sq. feet of available storage space.

The Wayfinder Storage Difference

With the crazy amount of self-storage units that have popped up in the last couple of decades, we firmly believe our warehouse storage facility is the better alternative. Here’s why:

Security. Security. Security. We take the protection of our storage vaults seriously. Our facilities are fully equipped with alarms and surveillance, inside and out, and feature interior-only access with limited entry points.

Protection from elements is often underestimated in self-storage units. It’s common for snow and rain to be blown under and around doors in units with outside access, leading to significant moisture accumulation. Wet weather is not an issue in our warehouses.

Just the right amount of storage. You pay only for the cubic feet that your vault uses. Your items are carefully packed away in a 5’ x 7 ’x 7.5” wooden vault, rather than left out in the open space of a self-storage unit. Need something that’s larger capacity? We’re happy to accommodate. 

Pricing is competitive with self-storage units. If you’re between homes and need temporary storage, only a nominal loading/unloading fee will apply (compared to hourly rates). Monthly storage rates apply thereafter.

Secure your stuff with Wayfinder

Overwhelmed with stuff? Contact our team for more information on how you can start enjoying safe, reliable, and cost-effective storage services – we’ll help you find the perfect option for your needs.