The Wayfinder Difference: Certified & Trained Commercial Movers

For the past three years, Wayfinder employees have completed intensive training with the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), the world’s only educational center for office moving. Through IOMI®, our team has learned the best practices for office moving to minimize risk of damage to furniture, computers, equipment, and building property. Wayfinder Moving Services is currently the only moving company in WNY that has been professionally trained and certified by the IOMI®, and 1 of 5 companies in New York State.

“Whether you need to relocate a small or large office, lab equipment, school classroom, university dorm, retail store, or even a warehouse, we’re ready to help,” says Brian Hasson, CEO of Wayfinder Moving Services. “We can even build a custom solution for safely moving unique items according to your specifications.”

In the course of our work, Wayfinder has moved a variety of large-scale and sensitive equipment, including:

  • CNC Machines
  • Aeronautical Testing Equipment
  • Technical Testing Equipment
  • Medical Lab Equipment
  • Electron Microscopes
  • Industry-Specific Legacy Equipment (that cannot be replaced)
  • Delicate AV Equipment and Cameras

Office moves require a different approach

Completing a commercial move – the right way – requires a high level of coordination and strategy. Our focus is on timing, accuracy, and minimal interruption to your normal operations. With our thorough estimating process, you’ll be able to accurately plan ahead and schedule your business needs around the move, without unnecessary downtime.

Wayfinder has also invested in special equipment that’s used exclusively for office moves, such as dollies with rubber wheels to prevent scratches, and anti-static sheeting with bubble wrap to protect electronics and fragile items.


“Following the IOMI® techniques and practices is almost like a symphony—the way everything is in harmony and just falls into place. Wayfinder, unlike their competition, renders a premium service,” says Ed Katz, President of IOMI®. “Wayfinder is really a pioneer in the WNY market, being the only moving company that is trained and certified.” Mr. Katz added,” Customer satisfaction is a must with Wayfinder – just look at the customer reviews on their Google page!”

Things to consider for a successful commercial move:

  • Let your movers know important details about the building or site they’ll be working with: number of floors, business hours, street vs. lot parking, locations of loading docks and elevators, etc.
  • When it comes to cost, our team will estimate your office move based on man-hours, not with the “weight” method used for residential moving. This means we’ll finish the job on-time and for the original price quoted.
  • If your business is public facing, make sure your customers are aware of the upcoming move and the address of your new location. Put up signs on-site and post notices online with this information. You should also be prepared to update the address on your company stationery, website, social media, and other materials where it appears.
  • Keep sensitive materials secure during the move, such as company financial records and employee paperwork, to adhere with U.S. data protection laws. If you need to dispose of physical documents while packing, make sure they are shredded and not just thrown out.


Companies that choose to work with Wayfinder can prepare for their relocation knowing that they have hired a professional, reliable mover, fully trained and certified by IOMI® three years in a row. This leaves them with more time and energy to do what they do best – running a successful business.

Do you need help planning your company’s upcoming move? Give Wayfinder a call at (716) 832-6683 to get started with your free estimate.


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