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At a certain point in life, things begin to slow down. As experience and wisdom grow, your desire for excitement and adventure may begin to subside. They give way to the need for relaxation and calm in the company of loved ones.  However, to make this possible, you will have to go through the moving process. And there’s a good chance that you already know how difficult, time-consuming, and strenuous it can be. Fortunately, though, things aren’t nearly as grim as they might seem. Because now you have Wayfinder Moving Services to aid you in this endeavor. As one of the best senior movers Buffalo can offer, we are ready to make your transition as smooth as possible. So, contact us, and head down the road of stress-free relocation.

Elderly businessman talking on the phone with senior movers Buffalo.
One phone call to Wayfinder Moving is all it takes to ensure an incredible relocation experience.

Moving weighs more heavily on the elderly

A transition to a new home is difficult even for a person at their prime. But for seniors, relocating is likely to be even more upsetting. It is a tiring and stressful process that takes a great deal of time and energy to handle on your own. This is where professional and knowledgeable Buffalo senior moving companies come in.

A team that has worked with the elderly understands the scope of needs they may have in the face of this major change. Experienced movers are aware of what is happening behind the scenes, and different factors that are in play, such as health concerns and emotional turmoil. In most cases, the elderly are moving out of a home they’ve been living in for many years. Needles to say, this is a critical change in familiarity and sense of security. In the case of downsizing, they have to store belongings that have great sentimental value. And in extreme cases, even get rid of them altogether. And when they’re moving for health reasons, the help of family members might be severely limited. Not because of unwillingness, but due to a lack of knowledge and skills to handle the undertaking of such magnitude.

This is an even more important reason to get help from Wayfinder’s senior moving experts in Buffalo. Then, they won’t have to go through these difficult times alone and will have an experienced crew handling every step of the relocation.

The most common reasons seniors in Buffalo are enlisting the help of Wayfinder Moving

As you get older, priorities tend to shift and so do reasons for moving. While you were younger, you probably did it for school, work, or to provide a better life for your growing family. But now that you’ve achieved all that, the motives to move can change drastically.

  • You desire to be closer to family and friends – This has to be the most common reason people hire senior moving companies in Buffalo. And it’s perfectly understandable. Spending time in the company of your children and grandchildren is guaranteed to bring you a copious amount of joy. This alone is reason enough to leave your old home behind, even if it’s after many years of residing in it.
  • Downsizing – Smaller residence means less maintenance. And that’s always a good thing. It will leave you with a lot of free time and energy to focus on the things you love.
  • Higher quality of life – If you’re not ready to give up the life of adventure just yet, moving is a great way to gain easier access to enjoyable amenities and fun things to do like golf, casinos, and various outdoor activities.
  • The need for professional care – If you require a higher level of help in your day to day life, you might have chosen to move into a retirement community, nursing home, or assisted living facility. Even in this case, professional movers are certain to make things easier.

Our senior movers can make every part of the relocation easier

There are so many aspects to a move, that it’s nearly impossible to handle alone. Constant rushing, heavy lifting, and a multitude of chores will quickly leave you exhausted. Even just thinking about it is enough to start an anxiety build-up. You deserve better than to go through all that hustle. Especially when senior movers in Buffalo can take care of the entirety of the process:

  • A senior moving manager will assist you with everything from planning and organizing to coordinating with our teams to ensure the whole process runs smoothly.
  • Our movers can help you declutter and dispose of unnecessary belongings.
  • You don’t have to worry about getting packing supplies. Our packers will bring everything needed to make sure your possessions are packed safely.
  • Experts will pack up your belongings at the old location and unpack them at your new place.
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture are included in our relocation services.
  • We are mindful of your health. That’s why we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting.
  • Our safe and secure storage solutions are at your disposal if you need extra space for your belongings.

With these practical motives behind getting help from our experts, you will significantly reduce the level of stress that comes with the transition. In the long run, you’ll save yourself a great deal of time and money by allowing professional crews to help you.

Hiring reputable movers doesn’t have to destroy your budget

The biggest thing on everyone’s mind when they are moving is how much is it going to cost? It is no secret that relocation can be pretty expensive. However, Wayfinder Moving is here to set your mind at ease. Our services are designed to provide exceptional moving assistance at affordable rates. The perks that come with hiring Buffalo senior movers make their value well worth the investment. Our mission is for you to have a pleasant moving experience, without having to struggle afterward.

A broken piggy bank.
The affordable services of our movers won’t break your bank.

Another thing to keep in mind when you call us and ask for a free moving estimate: Transparency is one of our main traits. With us, there will be no hidden costs or added expenses. We will lay all our cards in front of you, from the start to the end:

  • The majority of local moves within Buffalo and nearby suburbs are rated by the hour.
  • Relocations that are considered long-distance or out of state are charged by the full project.
  • The cost of moving supplies and packing materials may be added separately.
  • The number of crew members and the number of items you need to be moved will play a role in Buffalo movers rates.

A simple phone call to one of our professional Buffalo senior movers will be enough to give you all the information you may need concerning your upcoming move. This means that our courteous and knowledgeable personnel will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Therefore, no need to be shy. Give us a call and ask away!

There are many things to consider when choosing the right senior moving company

When there are so many options to choose from, how are you supposed to pick the right senior moving company in Buffalo? While you might want to simply throw a dart at the list and hope for the best, there are a few key things to look for as you search for the top team. The safety of your belongings should always come first. A respectable moving company will have all the relevant paperwork and certifications to back up their hard work and professionalism. This also goes a long way toward protecting you from scammers and fraudulent moving companies.

Our responsible personnel will be forthcoming and informative

Great customer service shows that a company cares for each client. Reputable movers will always be willing to accept you into their headquarters and offer any help to make your transition easier. This includes giving you referrals and answering your inquiries. Some may even offer to give you a tour of the facilities. Granted, this also means that they want to brag a little about everything they achieved. As they well should. After all, it is a result of their hard work and dedication. And it benefits you, as a customer, because you stand to gain the most out of their achievements.

One of the most effective things you can do is look at moving companies reviews to see what other people are saying about them. Testimonials of your peers are an excellent way to familiarize yourself intimately with the workings of the moving company. It’s always a good idea to work with an established business that has been building trust by offering reliable services to its customers. Look into how long the moving company has been around and even find out details about their claims rate to check their overall efficiency.

Senior movers Buffalo have near perfect star ratings.
Wayfinder Moving has a near-perfect customer satisfaction rate.

Buffalo senior movers are ready to make your relocation amazing

If you are preparing for an upcoming move in or out of Buffalo, there’s no better company than Wayfinder Moving Services to handle the job. Throughout the years, we’ve assisted more than 10,000 satisfied clients as they have transitioned to new homes and apartments. We have over a decade of relocation experience and a near-perfect customer satisfaction rate. Therefore, you can rest assured that your move will be nothing but exhilarating. So give us a call. Some of the most incredible senior movers Buffalo offers are ready to make your relocation amazing.