The Declutter Program Every Realtor Should Know About

While it’s one thing to put a home on the market for sale, it’s quite another hurdle to get the home to be presentable while on the market.

We hear from Realtors how it’s no easy feat to depersonalize and declutter homes to make them marketable. There are a lot of emotions and feelings packed in the task that can be highly subjective.

Home Prep Program

That’s why we’re excited to talk about our Home Prep Program, our strategy to temporarily store items away while the home is on the market and deliver them back to the customer when they’re ready to move into their new home.

How It Works

  • Before the home is put on the market, we drop off boxes to be filled with personal belongings.
  • When ready, we pick up the boxes that have been filled, plus any large items, such as furniture.
  • Items are safely stored in 7’ x 5’ x 7.5’ storage vaults located in Wayfinder’s clean and dry warehouse.
  • When ready, items will be delivered to the customer’s new home with purchase of moving package.

Program Benefits

The Home Prep Program makes the moving experience easier in two ways:

  1. The home will be show-ready and easy to stage. With personal items tucked away, buyers will be able to imagine their own items in the home for sale. The more appealing it’ll look to buyers, the higher potential it will sell quickly.
  2. Customers will have a head start on their move. When they’re ready for their final move out, there will be fewer things to pack up. The pack job will be faster and easier with many of the items already in storage and out of the way.

Every Move is Unique

We’re happy to create a custom plan to accommodate your customer’s needs. Give us a shout when you’re ready.


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