Moving a wine collection

Moving a wine collection to your new residence

Your wine collection is one of the most delicate items you will have to move when relocating your household. It needs to be cherished like a fine piece of art it actually is. That is why you need to be extra careful when moving a wine collection to your new home. We have a few tips that you might want to use.

Trust your movers to do it for you

If you are moving locally it would be best to trust moving a wine collection to your moving companies Buffalo NY. You need to talk to them about moving your collection and ask to take special care of it. Some are more experienced in doing it than others. That is why you can stumble upon a moving company that has a refrigerated truck for relocating such goods.

Wine bottles.
Moving a wine collection is easier if you leave it to the professionals

Talk to a specialist for moving a wine collection

When you started your wine collection, it probably meant to you much less than it does now. A more pricey option for relocating it, other than movers and DIY,  are wine specialists. These companies are not that common and can be a bit more expensive. Going with this option would be good in the case of high-value collections. Your licensed movers can make a deal about this service if you want it.

Moving a wine collection on your own

If you have a smaller collection and wish to save money, you may be able to do it yourself. A smart thing to do here is to inform yourself on how to pack sensitive belongings and acquiring proper packing supplies. If you wish to secure it as much as possible, do not save money on the supplies. Yet, the best option is always to get packing services.

Packing in regular boxes is not an option here. You will have to buy specialized boxes made for transporting wine. They are full of padding to stop the bottles from cracking and hitting one another in transport. When you pack them in the truck or a car, keep in mind the angle. The cork needs to stay wet. So when moving a wine collection, pack in on the sides or upside down. Label your boxes so everyone knows they are fragile and what are the contents of the box.

Two people talking about moving a wine collection.
You can always otry and do it yourself but at least talk to someone who knows how to properly do it.

Have weather conditions in mind

If you are moving it yourself there is another thing to keep in mind. The temperatures outside must not be extreme. That means neither too hot nor too cold. If you have a smaller collection your car air condition just might do it for you. But for your larger collection, you will need a refrigerated van. After you move your precious collection, let it be. This may be a long process. The wine needs to rest at least a week or two before opening it. All that shaking in transit can impact the taste of it. You wouldn’t want to go to that much trouble of caring about it during transport only to have it taste different later. Let it rest and recover from the shock of going on a trip.


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