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How to unpack your garage tools?

Moving is a lot of labor. You’ve spent weeks organizing and packing. Now that you’ve moved to your new home you feel drained from all that work. There is a mess of boxes everywhere, and you may feel the urge to start unpacking right away. You aren’t even sure of where or how to start. This can be an overwhelming feeling. And to unpack your garage tools will probably be the last thing on your mind. When it comes to the garage, a lot of us will push it to the bottom of the unpacking priority list. But lest we forget, the garage is an important storage space. A lot of items we need readily accessible are stored exactly in this space. Our movers Buffalo NY have some expert tips for you. Let’s find out how to unpack your garage tools after a move, for an immaculate new home organization.

Unpack your garage tools to organize your home

If you hire professional packing services when you’re moving, it will save you time and energy. Once you’re in your new home, it will be much easier to unpack your garage utensils, apart from the entire household. Chances are, you will leave your garage and other utility areas to be unpacked last. This is natural, as we don’t actually live in these areas of the house. However, consider that in your garage you usually store tools that are essential for the rest of the household to be functional. Make sure your moving boxes are properly labeled, so it’s easy to find them and take them out. These can be hammers, screwdrivers, hex keys, and so on. All are essential and very needed, especially for organizing your new house. So, rather unpack your garage tools amongst the first items.

Various hand tools as some of the items you will handle when you unpack your garage tools
To organize your new household, unpack your garage tools essential for the chores

Organize your garage space

Before you set to unpack your garage tools, organize the space first. It’s estimated that only 30% of us keep our cars inside the garage. The reason is lack of space because we clutter it with all sort of stuff. So, use your moving to a new house as an opportunity to organize your garage, and keep it that way for good. Commit to this task from the day you move in. Divide your garage space into zones. For instance, long-term storage, lawn, outdoor activities, etc. Consider purchasing extra shelving and storage containers. If you use storage services collect your things and place them in the appropriate zones. Or, ask your movers to place the boxes in suitable places. This will make it easy to take out your garage tools and arrange the space neatly.

Paper, pencil, rubber and a lightbulb
Divide your garage space into different zones, to make the unpacking easy

How to unpack your garage tools?

Before you move, specialists at long distance moving companies Buffalo NY recommend you sort out your belongings. Be thoughtful about the size and weight of your inventory, because this determines the cost of your move. So, if you’ve considered this well-intentioned advice, it will be a cinch to unpack your garage tools. You wouldn’t have to go through items and consider for the second time if you should keep them, where to put them, or should you toss them. All you need to do now is to unwrap your garage utensils. Follow these concise guidelines:

  • Store your rarely used items, such as seasonal decorations, on top of the shelves or other hard-to-reach spots.
  •  Place the bulky equipment, such as lawnmowers or summer grill in the corners, so use your space optimally.
  • Combine like with like items, for example, gardening tools with pesticides, and keep them near each other in their designated zone.
  • The items you use frequently, like bikes or skateboards, should be near the door for easy access.

This is a practical and efficient way to unpack your garage tools and keep your space organized with ease.

Gardening tools - Unpack your garage tools
Classify your items according to their intended purposes, and keep them together in their designated space

Think of storage solutions before you take out your garage utensils

To unpack your garage tools, it’s best if you have your storage sorted and installed first. So, even if you already have fixtures in your new garage, it’s good to analyze its functionalities and think about suitable alterations. We recommend you choose open shelves over closed cabinets. Shelves are cheaper, easier to access, and give you a clear picture of what you’re storing. Cabinets with doors give you an excuse to be disorganized, as you can hide the mess behind closed doors. Hence, when you unpack your garage tools, use the cabinets to store items that need protection from dust. Also, use your vertical space. For example, pegboards and panelized systems will enable you to use every square inch of space. Your garage ceiling is great for hanging objects, such as ladders. Unpack your garage utensils and use your space optimally.  

Garage shelf
Before you unpack your garage tools, consider your storage solutions

A few more handy tips

Unpacking can be as stressful as packing for moving. Remember that you don’t need to do it all at once when you move in. Make it a priority to keep yourself organized, and unpack your garage tools essential for household chores. Do the rest in due time. When it comes to your garage space, if you keep it well organized, you’ll run the rest of your household more smoothly as well. Once you’re done with the basics, consider the little details. This will help you unpack your garage tools and keep your space organized in the long run.

  • Make good use of clear food jars, to keep your hardware and small items, such as screws and nails, in place.
  • Stackable plastic bins with lids are an affordable and practical storage solution for your garage.
  • Antiskid or Epoxy floor coating is affordable, and easy for cleaning and maintenance, unlike concrete slabs. It can be a fun DIY project when you have a couple of days off in spring.

Finally, once you have your new garage space clean and well organized, do your best to keep it that way for good. At least once a year, dedicate a weekend of your time to go through the items you don’t need and sell or donate them. This is how to unpack your garage tools and have your space immaculately organized at all times.


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