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How to properly pack furniture for relocation?

Moving into a new home, although exciting, is a difficult period in one’s life. First, you start worrying about whether you will manage everything in time. Then about how you will pack furniture for relocation. Finally, one of the greatest nightmares is whether the furniture will arrive intact to the new location. Thankfully, there are precautions you can take to secure your belongings and make sure you will have them damage-free in your new home. One of them is hiring some of the most professional movers Buffalo NY can offer. We will continue to explain what else you must keep in mind when handling this task.

Invest in appropriate packing supplies when you pack furniture for relocation

In a pinch, only packing tape, blankets, boxes, and old clothes will do. However, if you want to pack furniture for relocation properly, make sure you are well-equipped. The best solution is always to get packing services because professionals have their own reliable supplies. Yet, if you decide to do everything on your own, the following items are the typical supplies you will need to pack and secure everything:

  • bubble wrap to cushion delicate items
  • special sofa and mattress covers will prevent ripping
  • sealable plastic bags to protect from dirt
  • corrugated cardboard sheets for additional protection and as a barrier between objects
  • cardboard boxes (of course)

Be aware that you cannot pack wooden and plastic items using the same fabrics or materials. You should make sure that your packing supplies do not damage your furniture, that would be the complete opposite of its initial purpose.

Proper moving supplies you will use when you pack furniture for relocation.
Remember to get absolutely everything you may need for packing.

Good organization is essential for proper furniture packing

When packing your furniture for moving, a good organization is imperative. You need to know what you are taking with you so it’s advisable to take inventory. Not only will it help you stay organized, but it will make both packing and unpacking easier. You will know what you need to pack and when what needs dismantling and when you can dismantle it. Some pieces of furniture, such as your bed, will have to be disassembled last. Then, measure the hallways and doorways to make sure all the furniture can go through. The rule of thumb is – everything that can remain in one piece, should remain in one piece. So, if it can go through in one piece, it’s better not to disassemble it.

Dismantling the furniture before relocation

As already stated, when you begin to pack furniture for relocation some pieces will need dismantling. They will be easier to move, it will prevent damage and you can load them into the moving truck more easily. So before you start, make sure you have prepared all the necessary tools and equipment. You will need sandwich bags where you will safely store all the screws and tiny parts. Also, remember to mark the bags so you know what goes where. For more complicated pieces, it may be a good idea to document all the steps, so you can assemble them properly again. You can also tape the bags to the piece of furniture they belong to.

Create a placement plan for the moving truck

Making a plan of what goes to the truck first will both speed up the process of loading and unloading, and eliminate the chance of damage. For example, load heavy boxes and bulky furniture first. Then smaller cupboards and cabinets onto which you can put additional boxes. Garbage bags filled with pillows and other soft items can fill the space between other furniture and soften the blow if there is movement.

A man and a woman creating a plan.
Remember to create a plan in order to make things easier.

Proper wrapping is essential when packing furniture for relocation

Packing books is pretty straightforward – just put them in a box. Other kinds of decor are more problematic since some items come in odd shapes or are more fragile. Don’t forget that your precious belongings are at risk for as long as they are traveling, especially if you are moving long distance. Wooden pieces can be gouged, upholstery ripped, and fragile items can be broken. Therefore, packing furniture for moving is done properly if you have wrapped everything in a proper way and protected all surfaces that can be damaged. You will do this with the help of bubble wrapper, packing tape, corrugated cardboard sheets, and special sofa covers.

Wrapping mirrors, artwork, lamps, and other glass objects

You should pack each of these items separately to avoid damage. To prevent the glass from breaking, it is a good idea to put strips of painter’s tape in the shape of X on the mirrors and other glass objects. Even if something breaks, it will not shatter. Then, wrap them in bubble wrap, secure with tape, and add a layer of corrugated cardboard for additional protection. The same procedure, minus the painter’s tape, of course, goes for the artwork. The best you can do for lamps and other oddly shaped objects is to secure all the dangling and detachable parts and repeat: bubble wrapper, tape, corrugated cardboard.

A mirror on a wall.
Be careful with mirrors.

Packing sofas, chairs, and other upholstered furniture for relocation

Before you pack your furniture for the move, it might be a good idea to clean and dust it thoroughly. Debris could scratch wooden surfaces and also, you don’t want your old dirt in your new home. After the cleaning, use the plastic sofa and mattress sheets to protect the upholstery. This will prevent ripping, protect from dirt, and shield from moisture and unwanted pests. Use bubble wrapper and/or corrugated cardboard to cover wooden parts and protect the edges. Also, place corrugated cardboard sheets between all wooden parts so there is no friction.

Now you can properly pack furniture for relocation

If you pack furniture for relocation properly, moving doesn’t have to be so stressful. Knowing you have done all you can to protect your belongings will help put your mind at ease and enjoy planning your life at the new location. However, if you find the whole process too much to bear, you can always contact a reputable moving company. They can provide help during all aspects of the move. Hiring professionals is a good idea because they are trained and experienced, so you can be sure your items will be safe.


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