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How to pack in the right order?

Relocation is a process that is characterized by packing. When thinking about your upcoming move, we are sure that one of your mental images has to be of you in a room that is filled with moving boxes. It goes without saying that you are also thinking about different tasks, such as hiring the best movers Buffalo NY has and gathering the necessary packing supplies. But one of the main tasks that are going to require a lot of your time, effort, and energy definitely has to be the process of packing items for relocation. So the only question that remains is how to pack in the right order and get everything done with time to spare?

Pack in the right order by adhering to these guidelines

We do have to say that the packing process ought to be tailored to your individual situation. That’s something that the best residential movers Buffalo NY offers can help you with at any point in time. That being said, our experience has taught us that there are some things that take precedence over others. So if you plan to start packing up your whole life into boxes, here’s where you ought to start.

Bear in mind that you have two options. You can either pay for packing services Buffalo or you can decide to tackle this task by yourself. If you opt for the first option, you won’t have a worry in mind. But if you decide to handle it in the good old DIY style, then you will use some assistance that our team can provide.

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With the right packing strategy, you won’t find yourself running out of time.

Step 1 – pack for storage

Have you decided to place some of your items in a storage unit in Buffalo? If you have, then it’s best that you tackle this task from the very start. We are guessing that the items you want to store in a facility aren’t the ones that you are using on a daily basis. So if you aren’t using something and its only purpose is to sit there and create a mess, it’s best to part ways with it early on.

Gather the necessary packing supplies, pack up your items for storage in boxes, and successfully tackle the first step. If you want this done professionally, you can always count on experts that you can find through Verified Movers. Now that you know that one part of your relocation is over, you can move on to tackling the items that you plan to relocate.

Step 2 – out of season clothes

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman – we all own seasonal clothing. Of course, some people have a tendency to pile up more clothing than others, but that doesn’t carry a lot of importance in this case. After packing the items that you plan to store, the second step should always be to pack your seasonal clothes. What does that mean?

A woman in a winter jacket blowing snow out of her hands.
Pack out-of-season clothing and have one less thing to worry about.

Well, if you are moving in the middle of July, you won’t be coming anywhere near your winter jacket and gloves for months. Hence, you can feel free to pack up your winter clothes at the very start of the process. You won’t be using these items yet they will take up considerable time and effort during packing. Best to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

Step 3 – rarely used dishes

Almost every household in America has fine china and dishes that are only used when entertaining guests. However, since you are nearing your relocation, we assume that throwing parties will be the least of your worries. One of your main worries should be how to pack in the right order, not what to make for a formal dinner. So feel free to proceed by packing fine china and those dishes you rarely use. Just bear in mind that you are dealing with fragile items. You will need to adjust your approach accordingly.

Step 4 – wall hangings and picture frames

Nothing makes one house a home more than pictures that capture the happy times your family has had over the years. We know that you want to preserve them for eternity, which is why it would be best to pack them next. By now, you are nearing your relocation, yet you still have enough time to give your picture frames, wall hangings, and artwork the attention they deserve.

Valuable artwork should be treated with special care during packing. Unless you have reliable local movers in Buffalo who are capable of handling this task, we suggest you learn all there is to know about packing artwork and fragile items. Otherwise, you might be met by broken items and irreparable damage.

Step 5 – linens and towels

If you have arrived dangerously close to your move (we are talking about days, not weeks), then you need to handle something every household has loads of – towels and linens. Pillows, towels, and linens are perfect for large containers, as they are lightweight and won’t overburden a large moving box. Our suggestion is for you to leave one set of everything and proceed to pack everything else. These items take up a lot of your living space, so you will manage to gain a lot by packing them ahead of the moving day.

A stack of colorful towels to pack in the right order.
Make sure you use the right containers for packing towels.

If you want to pack in the right order, books should be amongst the first items

We know that you might be a bookworm. But even bookworms won’t have enough time for reading once you start approaching the day of your move. It goes without saying that you plan to relocate all of your books, so there is no reason to delay packing them. Just know that you shouldn’t put books in large boxes. Otherwise, you could end up with boxes that are simply too heavy to carry.

At this point in time, you should be left with a blank canvas. You can dedicate your time to packing the furniture. Besides, you have to admit that it’s easier to pack in the right order than you have imagined. You just have to give yourself plenty of time and we have no doubt you will find success.


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