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How to pack fragile items for relocation? 

There are many concerns people have when a move is in their near future. There is the question of the budget, hiring professional movers, taking time off of work, and, of course, there is the packing. Things get much more interesting when you have to pack fragile items for relocation because they are the most complicated. Yet, no need to fret. As professionals, we can give you some tips and reminders for the things you should look out for.

When you have to pack fragile items for relocation, you should pay attention to the following

Generally, every item that you have to pack and prepare should be handled carefully and with skill. Still, fragile items always require special care and it is how it is. You will simply have to focus more attention and spend more time on preparing and packing them. Also, you should keep something in mind. Glass is not the only fragile material. Wood can be fragile, and anything that is easily ripped, broken, damaged, or scratched. That kind of enlarges the pile, we know. Therefore, let us continue.

A person playing the piano
A piano can be as fragile as glass if not handled properly.

First of all, you must check for possible existing damage

You see, once you hire your residential movers, you will leave the item handling to them. If you arrive at your new address, unpack a certain fragile item, and see that it is damaged, you should know was it damaged during or before the relocation? Therefore, before you confront your professionals and accuse them of a poorly done job, do your part. Much before they arrive at your current address, and before you start packing, you should check your items. Inspect everything you own and not just the fragile things. You should know what condition your belonging are in. When you unpack something and see the damage, you will know who to blame. Them or yourself a few years ago when you were not careful around a ceramic vase.

Consider hiring professionals before all else

Once you assess the number of items you have and see that we are not talking about a wardrobe and a few plates but about every single thing you own, you might want to reconsider your options. At this moment, before the move, many people decide that they simply cannot handle everything by themselves and that they still have their regular life. So, the logical thing to do would be to request packing services, right? Right. Maybe calling and asking for help from the pros is not such a bad idea and it might be the safest idea. Consider it.

If you want to pack on your own, start with proper packing supplies

If, at the end of the day, you decide that you want to handle the packing on your own, that is fine. Just remember that it is a serious process and you need to have the proper approach to it. First of all, make a detailed plan. Know what kind of fragile items you have. Do you have glass, wood, items with soft fabrics? Not every material is supposed to be covered with just any fabric as protection. Once you assess that, start gathering up the packing supplies. You will need shrink wrap, bubble wrap, tape, and a lot of it, foam padding, sponges, and many other commonly used supplies for protection.

A man underneath a huge pile of boxes he will need to pack fragile items for relocation
You do not want to buy unnecessary supplies, you need just the right ones.

Also, remember to get new boxes of adequate size. If you get a big box for a small glass item, then, chances are, it will move during the transfer and probably break. If you fill the box with a lot of foam padding, you will just be wasting money.

Large but fragile items require an experienced approach

When it comes to very large items, antique furniture that is fragile, or something else, perhaps you will need the help of a professional. How do you plan on moving a piano? Exactly. They are too big, too fragile, too expensive, and too heavy. Therefore, even if you do insist on handling everything you own by yourself, think long and hard about how much protection and safety you can provide your items with. Professionals have equipment and experience and they will know how to handle a large and fragile item whilst you may hurt yourself and damage the said item at the same time.

Once you pack fragile items for relocation, remember to label them accordingly

Once everything is done, you will be relieved and think that you have done your part. Wrong. There is one more thing that is essential when relocating fragile items inside of boxes. Movers are generally careful with everything they handle and carry but it would be best if you labeled the boxes that contain the fragile items. They can speed up the moving process by handling boxes with bedsheets quickly and without being too careful, while they might have to slow down and take their time with the box that contains your fine china, for example. Therefore, labeling is your very best friend, and do not betray your best friend.

A woman labeling a moving box as fragile
Your movers and you should know what is inside each box, especially the ones that contain fragile items.

If you follow these steps, you will pack fragile items for relocation with ease

As you can see, this can be time-consuming and kind of complicated if you do not what to do. Still, if you follow our advice and tips or simply hire a professional moving company, everything will be just fine. Fragile items are transported every day and all around the world. You just need to be very organized and know what you are doing. That is what our guide is for. We hope that everything goes well and that you pack fragile items for relocation without any problems. We wish you good luck.


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