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How to move with a newborn?

Planning and organizing relocation is not an easy task. However, if you plan to move with a newborn, you need to start making a thorough plan well in advance. We have some tips that will ease the stress and ensure a smooth move. It is best to create a moving calendar and include all moving activities. Every step should be carefully planned, from researching moving companies Buffalo NY to organizing and packing your possessions.

How to make a moving plan?

A moving checklist will make your life much simpler. This is a list of all your moving activities that will help you stay on track. Remember that you need to start planning several weeks before your relocation. And, since you plan to move with a newborn, the process will be even more complicated. A house full of boxes and movers is not a place for a baby. That is why you will need all the help you can get.

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When you start planning your move make a checklist to help you organize

Hire professional movers to facilitate the moving process

If you are planning a move to Kenmore, the first thing you need to do is research local moving companies. Your movers Kenmore NY should be experienced, well-trained, and reliable. You can find companies’ ratings and reviews on specialized moving websites. Here you can also read previously submitted comments and complaints. Also, ask your friends and family members whether they know a good moving company. There is nothing better than a recommendation from the people your trust. It can save you a lot of time and energy. After you make a list of companies that meet your needs, choose the one that fits your budget.

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Hiring professional movers and packers will greatly facilitate and accelerate the move

Professional movers can also help you pack your belongings. With the help of professional Buffalo packers, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your things. They use quality packing materials and label boxes per room. This will greatly accelerate the unpacking process. Once you transport all the boxes to your new home unpack the nursery first. Set up a new crib and try to arrange your furniture as closely as possible to your previous nursery. This will help your baby get accustomed to the new space. Newborns need a routine so change your baby and put it to sleep as usual.

Ask for help

Do not hesitate to ask for help. The moving process is very stressful and tiring. People often feel overwhelmed, especially when they are moving with children. In addition to professional movers, you can ask your friends to help you move. They can pack your things, clean the new home, label boxes, or watch your baby. We highly recommend hiring a babysitter or asking friends to look after kids. It is necessary to stick to their daily routine and schedule of feeding, naps, and playtimes. Routine gives your baby a sense of security, which is particularly important during the demanding moving process.

Pack an essentials bag

An essentials bag is a bag of things that you will need during the first night or the first couple of days after the move. You don’t want to spend hours going through all your boxes in order to find a tooth-brush or pajamas. That is why you should put the essential items in a separate box or bag. This is particularly important when organizing a move with a newborn. Your baby’s essentials bag should include diapers, clothes, pajamas, favorite toys, bottles, a car seat, blankets, a bathtub, towels, medications if necessary. It is always recommendable to have some extra snacks and toys on hand.

Baby-proof the new house

One of the things you need to do before the moving day is to baby-proof your new home. As you already know, the new house can have some potentially dangerous materials or parts. One of the things you should do immediately is put child-resistant locks on drawers. Drawers contain matches, lighters, knives, sharp objects, cleaning products, and your child should not have access to them. Also, use safety gates for stairways and secure windows with window guards. Put small objects like magnets, coins, and marbles out of their reach. Use electrical outlet covers and don’t forget to clean the entire house thoroughly.

Modern apartment with staircase
Baby-proofing the house is very important, especially if you have stairs

Involve your older kids in the moving process

Relocation can be particularly difficult for children. They have to leave their old friends behind and change schools. That is why it is important to teach them how to cope with this transition and adapt to the new environment. First, try to involve them in the moving process. That will help them feel less afraid and confused because they have helped and had some control over it. Your older kids can help you organize a yard sale, pack and label moving boxes, or organize a storage unit. Keep your children engaged and that will give them a feeling of security and importance. In addition, it will relieve some of the burdens you have.

In conclusion

The moving process starts weeks, even months before the moving day. It involves numerous activities and is often time-consuming and exhausting. It is even more complicated when you are organizing a move with a newborn. Babies need attention, daily routine, calm and peaceful environment. That is why good organization is crucial when relocating with children. If you have older kids, remember that children can be particularly vulnerable during the moving period. Involve them in the moving process so that they would accept these changes easier and feel useful. As for babies, hire a babysitter or ask your friends and family members to look after them on a moving day. Find reliable movers who will transport your belongings safely. They can even help you protect and pack your things. Also, prepare your new home in advance. Baby-proof the new house and ensure the baby has a safe space.


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