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How to move during the holiday season?

Sadly, your relocation date falls right in the middle of the holiday season. Also, the weather at the moment is not so favorable. This requires you to move faster and organize like a pro, pack swiftly, and find the best movers in Buffalo NY. If you have limited time to organize everything you might have a struggle ahead. Therefore, we will help you with a guide on how to move during the holiday season. Let us relocate you safely with enough time to organize and attend all your holiday events. Let’s go!

Put everything on paper

Moving is already hard and now when you must move during the holiday season it is even harder. How can you focus on your holiday preparations with such a big task on hand? Understandably, we all can make mistakes when doing things in such a hectic environment. So, to avoid unfortunate events you must take a deep breath and organize adequately. The best way to do it is to make a moving checklist. List down all the moving steps you must take before the moving date. This way you won’t forget a thing and you’ll gradually remove one by one until your relocation project is done and ready.

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Create aninventory list. It will help you guide yourself through the process.

Also, you can add an inventory list to it as well and keep track of your furniture and moving boxes. Your list should contain all the info about the moving company, moving estimates, costs, budget, and anything else you think is relevant. Add all the chores and errands you must cover as well, and then start removing one by one. As long as you take an hour or two and assemble this list in peace, you’ll be fine.

Start with a plan on how to move during the holiday season

Good, now when your list is ready, you should check the time you have before your moving day is upon you. It would be good if you have at least 3 weeks to organize everything. A month in advance is ideal while 2 weeks is a bare minimum. Of course, excluding the last minute relocation projects. So, start by inspecting your home and figuring out how complex your move is. Check all the rooms, furniture, belongings, and note it all down. Moreover, you should inspect the exterior as well. Check your yard, basement, garage, and attic. This way you’ll know if there are any hazardous objects you should remove and if the environment is safe to work in. Meanwhile, you’ll realize how many packing materials you must purchase and what kind of moving service is beneficial to you.

Once you have all the information stacked, begin your search for a moving company that can handle your relocation. And remember, you can find your moving team before you inspect anything, but without this info, your movers can’t calculate the exact moving cost. Therefore, it would be best if you can have at least basic info before contacting movers.

You can’t move during the holiday season without a reliable moving company

To move during the holiday season requires a prompt response and a swift resolution. This means you must find top-notch residential movers in Buffalo NY. And to find one, the best way is to look on the internet. When you begin your search, you’ll find thousands of moving companies out there. How to distinguish good from bad is easy if you know what to look out for. Hence, start by checking their website. It must have a company logo, contact phone, and physical address displayed. You can even check if they are registered online at the US Moving Association.

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Inspect your movers inside out. Ensure your choice is legit and viable.

Then, you should compare prices, read reviews, and check out their services. Once you have all the details, pick one and give them a call. You want to communicate with a moving representative over the phone or face to face if possible. Ask them if they have permits and licenses to operate locally or interstate, depending on the nature of your move. Moreover, they should confirm that they are ready with all the tools, equipment, manpower, and vehicles at your disposal. And you should ask all the questions you have. You just want to secure your investment and feel safe along the way. So, ask away and do not worry about it.

You can’t skip packing

No matter how much time you have or what kind of situation is at hand, you must pack properly. You should know how to pack your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. As well as all other areas of your home. And the key is in the packing materials and the approach. Hence, run to the nearest hardware store or order everything online. Whatever is easier for you. Note that you should obtain cardboard boxes, blister packs, packing tape, and labels. Those are the basic ones you shouldn’t pack without. But if you have a stretching budget you can buy higher quality ones. Those would be plastic bins, wooden crates, metal containers, as well as Styrofoam, packing peanuts, etc. Although, with basic materials, you can pack almost anything so do not worry too much. Now, you should start by making a cushion for your box.

Two people packing to move during the holiday season.
Use higher-quality moving boxes and label them right.

Blister packs come into play here. But know that you can replace it with items you already have at home like blankets, shirts, sheets, etc. Once you have a nice and cushiony foundation, place your items inside. Use crumpled paper to fill gaps between the items and secure them nicely. And when your box is almost full, close it, tape it, and label it. Apply more than one layer of higher-quality packing tape. And for the labels, you should write down on each box the content inside. This way you’ll have easier unpacking but more importantly, whoever is carrying your boxes will be aware of the fragile content inside. But if you are not sure that you can handle this, or you simply want to skip it, think about purchasing one of the moving services in Buffalo NY. At affordable pricing, your movers will cover this one for you.

Safety of the whole moving project

With so many things on your plate, you can easily make a mistake, or worse. To avoid moving mishaps, you must take precautionary measures. Check out how to handle common situations:

  • Bad weather – Because you are moving in the colder months, you must follow the forecast. Be ready for rain, snow, or both. Prepare warm but lighter clothing for this occasion. If necessary bring out beverages and snacks for your helpers. And always have a shovel and a few bags of salt to win the fight against the icy road.
  • Sickness – People stretch too much when on such a journey. You can easily jeopardize your immune system because there is too much stress involved. Therefore, sleep more, eat better, and if possible, exercise a bit. One week before the move should be enough. You can’t afford to be sick now so you should prevent it if you can.
  • Injuries – Yes, you can break a lamp or drop a box down. Minor damages are nothing to worry about. But you shouldn’t engage in activities that might cause moving injuries. This means you should lift heavy objects if you do not know how to do it. Keep yourself, your family, and your cargo safe. Moreover, you can secure the whole deal by purchasing moving insurance. Your movers have one for you or you can seek the full package at the moving insurance company.

You are ready, let’s get moving!

And now you know how to tackle your relocation and move during the holiday season. If you organize and make a detailed plan you shouldn’t have any troubles. Remember, find a reliable moving company, and everything else will fall in place. Your movers will give their best to relocate you safely and swiftly. You will have enough time to prepare for the holidays ahead. Good luck!

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