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How To Choose The Right Moving Company

When you’re relocating to a new home and want to hire movers to handle the packing, loading, and transportation for you, finding the right fit is important. You need to hire a trustworthy, highly-rated moving company that won’t leave you stressed out on the big day.

Not sure how to get started finding a mover? Just follow Wayfinder’s recommendations and helpful tips for choosing a top-notch moving team.

4 Steps to Choosing the Right Mover

1. Always work with a registered, approved mover

It’s crucial that any mover you’re considering for hire be registered and approved to legally operate as a household goods carrier through the Department of Transportation. New York requires all in-state movers to have a NYSDOT number, and the federal government requires all interstate movers to have a U.S. DOT number (issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). If the moving company is properly licensed, it should be able to supply these numbers upon request; they should also be included on their website, truck, and estimates. You can easily check for a company’s U.S. DOT number using the FMCSA’s records database.

2. Check the company’s BBB profile

If the moving company has a good letter grade with the Better Business Bureau, they are more likely to be in compliance with proper industry standards and practices. You can check online for free to see if the movers have a BBB profile, plus read any complaints, reviews, and actions taken against them. It’s also a good sign if the moving company has been approved and accredited by any professional trade organizations, such as the American Moving & Storage Association.

3. Look for a local presence

When planning for an in-state move, try to find a moving company that’s based in your area. Consider a drive-by of their local office to verify the given address. This will help you avoid being tricked into hiring movers that operate only through the internet – a common scam – or an unreliable third-party broker.

4. Read the reviews

If asking around for mover recommendations has yielded nothing, it’s time to turn to the online community. Check Google, Facebook, or Yelp for moving companies with over 100+ positive reviews and a rating of four or more stars. You can often find customer feedback by searching the company name paired with terms like “complaints” or “reviews.” Read over the comments made by past customers of the movers to see if there are any red flags or reoccurring issues.

Check online reviews to get a clear picture of a moving company’s reputation.


Why Wayfinder Moving is the right mover for you

Now that you have the rundown on the process of hiring a quality mover, the question is: Why chose Wayfinder Moving? For starters, at Wayfinder…

1. We take care of our customers

When you work with us, you’re not just hiring someone to move your stuff – you’re gaining a guide that will help you navigate the entire moving process. Our goal is to provide you with a simple and stress-free move supported with customer service that’s impossible to beat.

2. We fight for our reputation

We are proud to be a fully licensed and insured moving company, approved to operate in New York State. Wayfinder is also accredited with the NYS Movers & Warehousemen’s Association, the International Office Moving Institute, and the National Association of Senior Move Managers. If you’re still not sure about us, just check our A+ BBB grade and 4.9/5 star rating on Google reviews.

3. We work to protect the consumer

Wayfinder is dedicated to upholding credible and legal practices within our industry. We want you to be knowledgeable and prepared for pitfalls when looking for a quality moving company, so here are some common scams you should be aware of:

  • The Unnecessary Large Deposit
    It’s a red flag if your mover demands an excessively large or cash-only deposit before moving. An interstate mover will not require payment before your items have been loaded into the truck.
  • The Sneaky Switcheroo
    Some unsavory companies operate under a different name to avoid being tracked by the BBB. Make sure any mover you hire has a local address and does not do business under another name. You can verify this by reviewing the company’s insurance or license numbers, which should be made available to you.
  • The Outrageous Extra Fees
    Don’t be caught by surprise with outrageous additional fees for loading and delivery – they could be arbitrary charges made up on the spot. Talk with your mover beforehand so you are aware of any surcharges that might accrue from special situations.
  • The Missing Contract
    Always get your moving contract in writing! This is what legally protects you and your belongings from negligence – without it, you are held responsible if your movers deliver your items late, hold them hostage for more money, or even abandon them. Read over your contract thoroughly before you even think about signing it.

Planning well and doing your research will help you find the right mover for your budget and lifestyle – we hope you will consider Wayfinder as one of your top choices!

At Wayfinder Moving, we take great pride in our top ratings, customer satisfaction, and proven ethical practices. When you’re ready to move, give us a call at (716) 832-6683.


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