Piano Movers Buffalo, NY


Moving a Piano in Buffalo, NY With Wayfinder Moving Services

Your piano represents not only a major investment but also an heirloom piece that you may plan to pass on to future generations. You’ve spent hours at the piano practicing and filling your home with beautiful music and you’re already envisioning where you will place this sentimental piece in your new home.

At Wayfinder Moving, we understand the financial and emotional significance of your piano. Musical instruments aren’t just valuable, they’re also very sensitive and require specialized moving techniques to avoid damage. Our specially trained Buffalo piano movers take extra care and use a specific protocol to move your piano to your new home without the risk of damage.

Our Buffalo piano moving company is equipped to move all types of pianos:

  • Upright pianos
  • Spinet pianos
  • Baby grand pianos
  • Grand pianos
  • Digital pianos

Remember: not all moving companies in Buffalo have the experience, equipment, and training necessary to properly move your piano. Trust Wayfinder Moving to ensure your instrument makes it through your relocation unharmed.

Piano Moving Logistics

Most moving companies avoid piano moves for good reason: The process is complicated by the instrument’s incredible weight and fragile nature.

There are few universal truths about pianos, because each piano is unique. Preparation is tricky and each move is dependent on the piano’s type, age, size, weight, model, and make.

Top Reasons to Hire Professional Buffalo Piano Movers

Before you consider moving a piano on your own, make sure you know what you’re signing up for. Moving a piano without the right equipment and training comes with a higher risk of damage to your piano and injury to yourself. By working with one of the best Buffalo area piano moving companies, you can be sure your piano will make the trip unharmed — and without any broken fingers or toes.

An upright piano can weigh up to 300 pounds while grand pianos can weigh up to 1,200 pounds. Simply trying to maneuver an item this large around a home and out a door poses a risk of serious injury. The strength required to move a piano is only one small element of the actual move, however. A piano is also a precious item that requires caution and care when moving. Despite their size and weight, pianos are delicate and easily damaged. One wrong move can knock off a leg or leave a deep scratch. With top Buffalo piano movers, you can be sure your piano will make it out of your home without gouges in the floor and walls, harm to the piano itself, or serious injury to yourself.

Another reason to hire a professional Buffalo piano moving company? The logistics alone. Getting your piano out of your home safely and to your new location can be a major operation. Does the piano need to be moved downstairs? Are the stairs straight, curved, or very steep? Will the piano fit easily through the front door, or will the legs need to be removed? Narrow staircases, doorways, winding hallways, and multi-level buildings can all be very challenging to navigate while ensuring the piano isn’t damaged. Without the right tools and training, any of these challenges may be insurmountable on your own.

Buffalo Piano Movers with Specialized Equipment & Training

Moving a piano isn’t like moving a couch; it requires specialized equipment and training to avoid injuries and damage to the piano and your home. From special piano dollies and trucks equipped with a ramp or liftgate, our Buffalo piano moving company takes precautions every step of the way to give your piano the protection it needs during your relocation.

Our affordable Buffalo piano movers begin by preparing your piano for the move. We use straps, blankets, and moving pads to protect the piano’s finish and guard against damage from bumps. Depending on your piano, the pedals, legs, internal humidifier, and lid may need to be removed. How your piano is moved will depend on the type of piano and weight.

A four-wheel piano dolly is used to support the piano’s heavy weight and navigate turns through your home. If your piano needs to be tilted on its side, a piano skid board is used to secure it to the dolley. While your piano likely has casters on the legs, they are mostly decorative and can’t support the piano’s full weight. They’re also prone to jamming and damaging flooring. Once your piano is loaded on the specialized dolley, our trained piano movers in Buffalo use piano board straps to secure the piano and prevent it from sliding out of place.

As one of the best piano moving companies in Buffalo, we don’t stop there. Our trucks are equipped with ramps that make it easier to load your piano, which is carefully secured in the truck for its voyage.

Wayfinder Moving is proud to be one of the top Buffalo piano movers and invests in training all of our movers on safe, efficient piano moving techniques to guarantee superior service.

Buffalo Piano Moving Cost: What to Expect

The Buffalo cost to hire piano movers depends on many factors. When you request a Buffalo piano movers quote, we will ask questions about your piano, your home, your new home, and the distance of your move to prepare an accurate estimate.

The type of piano you have will play a role in your cost. Grand pianos, for example, require more work than upright pianos to prepare and move as the legs and other components need to be removed. How far the piano needs to be moved, the number of crew needed, and how easy the piano is to access are also factors our Buffalo piano company considers when preparing your free Buffalo piano moving estimate.

As you compare Buffalo piano moving companies, you’ll find that many companies charge an extra fee for specialty item moving. At Wayfinder Moving, we include piano moving with your normal hourly rate or written estimate. We’re proud to be one of the most reliable and affordable piano movers in Buffalo. No matter what type of piano you have and the prep work required, you will pay the same moving rate for an experienced crew of movers.

How to Choose the Best Buffalo Piano Moving Company

You have many choices when it comes to piano moving companies in Buffalo, New York. As you’re probably already learning, not all movers are created equal. When it comes to an heirloom piano, an expensive instrument, or a piece that simply holds a lot of sentimental value, you shouldn’t trust just any movers who advertise piano moving service.

To choose the right Buffalo piano moving company, start by checking Buffalo piano movers reviews on Google and Yelp. What do previous customers say? Are there any complaints with the Better Business Bureau?

Once you have a few options, narrow down your choices with a bit of research. How long has each Buffalo moving company been in business? Do they advertise their claims rate and number of completed moves? Are the insured and licensed?

It can be challenging to find trustworthy piano movers in Buffalo, but the good news is your search is over with Wayfinder Moving. We have proudly served the Buffalo area for more than 9 years with over 10,000 customers served. We maintain a sterling reputation in the community with a 4.8/5 customer satisfaction rate and Buffalo movers who are fully background checked for your protection. Every member of our crew receives specialized training in safe, efficient piano moving protocols to ensure your sensitive instrument is protected for many more years of enjoyment and music.

Ready to see your piano in its new home? Trust Wayfinder Moving for fair pricing and careful piano movers in Buffalo who will make sure your piano gets from point A to point B unharmed. After you have settled into your new home for a week or two, we recommend having your piano tuned due to the changes in humidity and temperature.