Negotiate with your movers

Should you negotiate with your movers?

You already know that moving is a costly process. However, moving quotes are not set in stone. That means that most definitely you can, and should negotiate with your movers. But first, you need to get your bargaining powers. Our team at movers Buffalo NY will give you the best tips to help you learn how. This will help you get as close as possible to the final bill you desire. If this sounds appealing, read on.

How to prepare to negotiate with your movers?

To be able to successfully negotiate with your moving company, you need to prepare yourself. Research to find out what is possible. So, gather as much information as you can, to ensure an effective bargaining strategy. First, learn the average prices for professional relocation, to later negotiate them with your movers. Then, determine your moving budget and set your goals. To do so, research customizable moving services Buffalo NY and see what they offer. Check the websites of different movers in your area, and compare their quality, rates, and conditions. Further, contact a few of them for an estimate, and see how they interact. This will help you narrow the selection of what movers would you prefer to work with. Follow this brief guideline on how to prepare to negotiate with your movers, before you set on a mission.

A woman and a laptop
Learn the average prices of services and find out what is fair in the moving industry, so to negotiate with your movers

Consider the details of your relocation

Before you ask for your moving estimates, consider the details of your move. For example, long-distance moving costs more than local move. Professional relocation costs include many components, but the basics are the distance of your move and the size of your household. So, make a list of everything you plan to move into your new home. Give the pros as much detail as you can on the size and special requirements of your belongings. If possible, request a visual assessment of your home. Like this, you will get more precise and realistic estimates. To negotiate with your movers, you will first need to get an idea of your approximate bill, and then try to lower it. Be proactive and do your part to achieve the desired results. Being organized will enable you to effectively negotiate with your movers.

Map-negotiate with your movers
The distance and size of your household mainly determine the price of your moving

Ask for free estimates and negotiate with your movers

To negotiate with your movers, what you need to do, is ask at least 3 of them for moving estimates. These should always be free of charge. Consider if you need additional help, for instance, piano moving or any other specialized service. Make sure you ask questions, to find out the exact services included in the estimate. Once you get a few, compare them. Here is a bonus tip: beware of estimates considerably lower than the rest you receive. Scam movers use this to attract customers. Once they get hold of your money or your possessions, they disappear. So, don’t let yourself fall a victim to scammers, and stick to reliable movers. Use the estimates as a resource to negotiate with your preferred mover. Ask them if they can beat the lowest bid you’ve received.

Before hiring a mover, check their reliability

When you move, you’d want to save on relocation bills as much as possible. Now you know for sure that it’s possible to negotiate with your movers and get a good deal. However, we strongly advise you against choosing your mover based on low costs only. We’ve mentioned the reasons for this above. Always make sure that you are hiring a reliable mover, and do a background check. Prioritize protecting yourself from unnecessary stressful experiences during moving, and possibly even losing all of your belongings. Before you start to negotiate with your movers and hire them, check for this:

  • If they’re members of AMSA
  • Their BBB entry
  • Their USDOT
  • Look for reliable references

Also, it’s a good practice to visit the company in person, at their physical location. Meet the crew and see if they’re professional. Besides, this is the best way to negotiate with your movers.

looking glass
Always check that the mover you plan to hire is reliable

Use your moving date to help You bargain with your mover

In addition to what we’ve already mentioned, let’s reveal a few more things that will help you score a better discount. Take a note and use these as keys to successfully negotiate with your mover. The moving date you choose has an impact on your bill. If you are flexible with your moving schedule, choose an off-season date. November through April is considered to be a low moving season, so you will be able to get significantly lower prices as well. Also, the rates for moving during the week are lower, rather than the weekend. The beginning and the end of each month tend to be busy. So, set your date in the middle of the month for lower quotes. Consider these useful tips and combine them with the rest. Armed with all the knowledge you need, head to negotiate with your movers.

Calendar and coffee
Be flexible with your moving date, to ensure lower quotes

Your Strategy to Negotiate With Your Movers in a Nutshell

Now that you’ve collected all the valuable information, and have selected a reputable company, you are ready to sit at the negotiation table. Prepare your arguments and effectively negotiate to reach your objectives. Let’s make a brief recap of the highlights that are sure to bring you success:

  • Information is power, so gather as much of it as you can. Know the average prices and what’s fair in the moving industry. This is crucial to successfully negotiate with your movers.
  • Research movers in your area. Pay attention to the overall quality of their websites and ask around for recommendations. Always select those that offer customizable services, and are willing to cater to your individual needs.
  • Ask for free estimates and compare them. Later use these as an argument to negotiate with your movers.
  • If possible, be flexible about your moving date. This can help you lower your final moving bill.
  • Always work with reliable, high-quality professionals, and avoid unreliable movers.

In a nutshell, these are the most important things you should consider, so to negotiate with your movers.

In conclusion, follow our tips and advice. You will be able to hire a reliable and high-quality company and negotiate your quotes with your movers. Good luck.


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